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Work Smart Formula can transform your life to the one you have always dreamed about.

You'll follow, step-by-step, the proven formula used by the world’s most successful Internet entrepreneurs.

You'll know what’s important and what’s not. You work smart rather than being frustrated by just working hard.

You'll know, using our templates, what to post and when to post, what to email and when to email, where to advertise, what to advertise and when to advertise...

Jump-Start Your Future!
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Meet Doug


I’m Doug Daniel, creator of Work Smart Formula, retired colonel and Silicon Valley executive turned Internet entrepreneur. Using the techniques I love teaching, I took a business from $400K to $8.9 million in less than a year.

You’ll know how to work smart while those who only work hard fall by the wayside.

To start you off right, you’ll learn how to build a highly responsive email list from scratch then get that list to pay you to develop your product.

Then you’ll give me the satisfaction of watching another Internet Entrepreneur throw off the chains of the day-to-day grind.

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