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Doug Daniel

Doug Daniel


I'm Doug Daniel, creator of Work Smart Formula, a system modeled on the techniques used by the world's most successful Internet entrepreneurs. I created WSF because no matter how hard I worked, I just couldn't do enough. I decided that I needed to start managing myself just like I once managed other teams. That's all it took. Now I live where I want and work when I want. The picture to my right is my beautiful wife and I going to a ball in a 300-year old castle in central Hungary.

Here's how it happened:

  • Started as shy, introverted, awkward boy with a talent for mathematics.
  • Determined to overcome my shyness and make a mark in the world, became an army officer.
  • Commanded units in Europe and Asia, learning to communicate clearly and simply. a very useful skill.
  • Returned to civilian life, working successively as a mathematician, software manager, and general manager. Learning to write and speak precisely and factually. a skill I would have to unlearn.
  • The Army never turned loose of me until recently. They send me into combat four times where I commanded Special Operating Force units three times and a regular unit once.  I would learn that leadership and motivation are extremely valuable marketing skills.
  • Studied marketing to learn how to sell my book on flying. − I failed.
  • Realized that marketing in general and advertising in particular is the art and science of sounding logical while communicating with the listener’s emotions. – The absolute opposite of everything I had learned and practiced for my entire career. 

That was a kick in the gut. I had to reboot.

  • Self-confidence went through the floor; respect for entrepreneurs, especially the marketing aspect of entrepreneurship went through the roof.
  • Being a tenacious SOB, I started marketing assiduously, joined Jeff Walker’s Platinum Master Mind group; metaphorically set at the feet of the great marketing gurus of our time.  I spent well over 50 grand learning the subtleties of Internet Marketing.
  • I had to retrain myself in writing and making presentations. It paid off. I love my life. We live where we want, travel extensively, have homes on two continents. Sent all three daughters through university.